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TPS Level I

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Funded by a grant from the TPS Western Region at Metropolitan State University of Denver 


Western Washington University - Pacific Northwest NRC on Canada

Archives on the Arctic: Connecting to Global Issues with Primary Sources

June 24-26, 2013





This class applies an inquiry-learning model using primary sources available through the Library of Congress website.  The LOC has digitized over 37 million primary sources to bring learners the raw materials of U.S. society and culture spanning more than 200 years.  Crossing multiple disciplinary areas, these sources inspire curiosity, prompt interesting questions, and support investigations of these questions—thereby creating conditions that promote deeper thinking and understanding.


Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Understanding Primary Sources 

  • Objective 1a: Explain what primary sources are and understand their value in teaching.  


Goal 2: Analyzing Primary Sources

  •  Objective 2a: Explore the connection between primary sources and 21st century learning skills and habits. 


Goal 3: Teaching with Primary Sources 

  •  Objective 3a: Use primary sources to align instruction with Common Core and state standards. 
  • Objective 3b: Investigate the ways primary sources and various technologies can promote  inquiry, literacy, differentiated learning, and creative expression of knowledge.


Goal 4: Exploring www.loc.gov 

  • Objective 4a: Access, save, and present primary sources from the Library of Congress website that fit your instructional needs.  


Goal 5: Understanding legal/ethical use 

  • Objective 5a: Explore copyright, public domain and citation issues related to the use of digitize primary sources.  


Goal 6: Understanding the Inquiry Process

  • Objective 6a:  Examine inquiry learning models and methods.  


Goal 7: Creating Inquiry Activities

  • Objective 7a: Design and create inquiry-based learning activities using primary sources from the Library of Congress 


New Goals (1/21/13):


Goal 1: Justify conclusions about whether a source is primary or secondary depending upon the time or topic under study.

Goal 2: Describe examples of the benefits of teaching with primary sources.

Goal 3: Analyze a primary source using Library of Congress tools

Goal 4: Access teaching tools and primary sources from loc.gov/teachers

Goal 5: Identify key considerations for selecting primary sources for instructional use (for example, student needs and interests, teaching goals, etc.)

Goal 6: Access primary sources and teaching resources from loc.gov for instructional use

Goal 7: Analyze primary sources in different formats

Goal 8: Analyze a set of related primary sources in order to identify multiple perspectives

Goal 9: Facilitate a primary source analysis using Library of Congress tools

Goal 10: Demonstrate how primary sources can support at least one teaching strategy (for example, literacy, inquiry-based learning, historical thinking, etc.)

Goal 11: Create a primary source-based activity that helps students engage in learning, develop critical thinking skills and construct knowledge







* This wiki is not an official publication of the Library of Congress and does not represent official Library of Congress communications.


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